katja-anna krug

a designer with an expertise in photography, visual and exhibition design.

Katja-Anna Krug
my name is Katja-Anna Krug and I am from Vienna, Austria. Since 2012, I have continuously expanded my design skills in various areas. While immersed in my photography training at “die Graphische”, I also developed a foundation for graphic design. As part of my master's degree in exhibition design, I was able to further deepen this foundation. The degree went beyond the traditional understanding of exhibitions, “Presenting in public spaces” describes it best. The course exposed me to challenges in various hands-on projects, often in collaboration with clients, enriching my practical knowledge. In my master's thesis, I delved deeply into the dynamics of collaboration between designers and artificial intelligence. Through these experiences, I've discovered a profound interest in exploring a spectrum of disciplines and an eagerness to embrace diverse challenges.