katja-anna krug

A photographer who studied art history and is currently studying exhibition design.

about me
I like to think that everything started when I was a child and picked up a camera at a family friend’s wedding. A few years later, I took a photography course, where I decided I wanted to study photography. In 2017 I graduated from “die Graphische” in Vienna, where I was in the “photography and audiovisual media” class. That is where I also developed my interest in art history. I love that art has been a way to express oneself for so many centuries. In 2021 I completed my bachelor’s degree in art history at the University of Vienna. During both educations, I visited many museums and exhibitions and started to love how a well-designed space can affect someone’s experience. That is why I decided to do my master’s degree in exhibition design at FH Joanneum in Graz. Because of this decision, I currently live in Vienna and Graz.
What does it mean to design something?
And what does it mean to be creative and to create?
I believe that being creative is a way of thinking about the world and the things around us. And we design new things not only to make the world a better one but also a more beautiful one. When we create something, we use our heads and hands. The process of creating something starts with an idea and its end can be subjective. I love every part of this process and I think it is great to try out different things. That is the best part of the process but also one that can teach us the most.