FH JOANNEUM Image Campaign 2023
Alongside my teammates, Theresa Schönegger and Katrin Schwarz, I have won a competition for FH JOANNEUMS’s 2023 image campaign. We not only developed new visuals, but, most importantly, a new mindset. The previous slogan “Study your Dream” is being replaced by “Study with Purpose” because we believe it is time to stop dreaming and start doing something that has a clear purpose. This new slogan allows for many variations, so we created a version for each of the six departments. For instance, “Invent with Purpose” was created for the Engineering department. Moreover, we decided to create a universal backdrop that features all six department colours and their slightly revised icons. One of my focuses was also to rethink how the university’s Instagram account was organised and designed, such as showcasing student takeovers in a clearer manner.