GENERATED – AI assisted exhibition design
In my master's thesis, I delved into the dynamic intersection of AI technology and exhibition design. I explored how exhibition design changes when AI tools are included in the workflow. Through this research, I uncovered valuable insights and solutions for the design process. Explore the abstract for a deeper dive into my journey at the crossroads of AI and exhibition design: How does the integration of AI affect exhibition design? To what extent does AI influence the work of designers? To answer these questions, interviews with practising designers were carried out in addition to literature research. The literature research, interviews and the experiences working with AI have shown that AI is primarily a tool that designers can use in their work processes. AI does not play a decisive role here, but a supporting one. The use of AI can accelerate project development, especially for the first steps of a project, such as brainstorming. It is the task of museums and educational institutions to introduce and explain new technologies such as AI to people. In this way fears and inhibitions can be taken away to work with tools such as AI. Until AI becomes part of design education, designers will have to try it out for themselves and determine how AI can support them in their work processes.